Kevin Crawford is an Irish flute & whistle player. Born in Birmingham to Irish parents from Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Crawford later moved to West Clare to immerse himself more deeply in traditional Irish music​. His playing style is fluid and ornamented, with a strong rhythmic pulse.

In the late 1980s he played with the group Long Acre, collaborating with artists such as Mick Conneely, Brendan Boyle, Bernadette Davis & Joe Molloy. In 1993, he joined Moving Cloud, after co-producing a traditional CD with the group Grianán, which included artists like Siobhán and Tommy Peoples, Niamh de Búrca, P.J. King, Martin Murray, Paul McSherry, John Maloney, and Pat Marsh. The album, titled “The Maid of Eirin,” was released in 1993​.
In 1997 he joined Lunasa, replacing Michael McGoldrick. As a member and frontman of Lúnasa during their live performances, he contributed significantly to the band’s reputation as one of Ireland’s top traditional bands. With Lúnasa, he recorded numerous albums and also embarked on solo projects and collaborations with other musicians, and toured with Martin Hayes and John Doyle as The Teetotallers​

Crawford plays Mike Grinter flutes and whistles, as well as Susato, Generation, and Jonathan Sindt whistles, according to the liner notes in his album “Carrying the Tune”​.
His discography as a solo artist includes the ‘D’ Flute Album (1995), In Good Company (2001), A Breath of Fresh Air (2007), and Carrying the Tune (2012). Besides his work with Lúnasa and Moving Cloud, Crawford has collaborated on albums with Cillian Vallely (On Common Ground, 2009), The Drunken Gaugers (2017), and with Colin Farrell & Patrick Doocey (Music and Mischief, 2019)

Kevin Crawford Discography
‘D’ Flute Album (1995)
In Good Company (2001)
A Breath of Fresh Air (2007)
with Grianán
The Maid of Eirin (1993)
with Moving Cloud
Moving Cloud (1995)
Foxglove (1998)
with Lúnasa
Otherworld (1999)
The Merry Sisters of Fate (2001)
Redwood (2003)
The Kinnitty Sessions (2004)
Sé (2006)
The Story So Far … (2008)
with Cillian Vallely
On Common Ground (2009)

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