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Tin Whistle Tunes for Valentine’s Day

tin whistle tunes for valentines day 5 - Tin Whistle Tunes for Valentine's Day

A selection of Tin Whistle tunes to play in your Valentine’s Day sessions, with sheet music, audio examples and whistle tabs. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the sheet music & tabs download

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Maguire’s March – Low Whistle Tune

maguires march low whistle tune - Maguire's March - Low Whistle Tune

Maguire’s March – Irish tune for Low Whistle with sheet music, tabs & audio

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Thanksgiving Tunes for Tin Whistle

tin whistle tunes for thanksgiving

Alhough Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional feast day in ireland, Irish all over America celebrate thanksgiving every year. 6 Irish tunes you can play at Thanksgiving, for tin whistle, with audio recordings, sheet music & whistle tabs (fingering charts). Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free pdf sheet music booklet.


Apples in Winter (Jig)

The Blarney Pilgrim (Jig)

The Cook in the Kitchen (Jig)

The Leg of the Duck (Jig)

The Pilgrim (Jig)

Thanksgiving (Air)

It is a New England Autumn in 1621. The beautiful gold and crimson leaves contribute to the festive atmosphere that blankets Plimoth village. The smell of roasting Turkeys adds to the ambience. The little village’s fifty English settlers are preparing a harvest festival in celebration of having survived the previous year’s great hardships and brought in their first crops in the New World.

Historically, the Irish have looked to America as a beacon of hope, a refuge from the troubles back home. During the mid-19th century, the Great Hunger—better known as the Irish Potato Famine—drove more than a million Irish to seek new horizons. The emigrants brought not only their hopes and dreams but also their cultural traditions. They gradually integrated into American society, an integration symbolically represented in their participation in Thanksgiving, a ritual meal that marked their transformation from foreigners to American citizens. As the Irish climbed the social ladder, their involvement in American rituals like Thanksgiving played a crucial role in this transition​.

Irish immigrants and their descendants have made significant contributions to various aspects of American life, including politics, industry, organized labor, religion, literature, music, and art. These contributions reflect the rich cultural heritage they brought with them and how they influenced the society they adopted. Remembering and sharing the history of the Irish in America is essential, particularly during Thanksgiving, as it reinforces the values of endurance, community, and gratitude. The holiday table serves as a meeting place for the past and the present, a place where stories of old are passed down and new memories are made.

thanksgiving irish in america

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Irish Tunes for Easter – with Tin Whistle Notes

Irish Tunes for Easter

Irish Tunes for Easter – with Tin Whistle Notes: 6 Easter-themed traditional Irish tunes with sheet music and whistle tabs. I play each tune slowly, and also at moderate speed with ornamentation. Scroll to the end of the page for the free pdf sheet music download.

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The Butlers of Glen Avenue (Jig) – Tin Whistle Tune

butlers of glen avenue - The Butlers of Glen Avenue (Jig) - Tin Whistle Tune

The Butlers of Glen Avenue, a jig composed by Tony Sullivan, played on tin whistle & with sheet music and fingering charts (tabs) for tin whistle

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5 Irish Tunes for Halloween – Tin Whistle Tabs & Audio

5 Irish tunes for halloween with tin whistle tabs and sheet music

Tin whistle tabs, sheet music & audio for 5 Irish tunes for Halloween, the ancient Irish festival of Samhain. I play each tune at moderate speed with ornamentation. Scroll to the bottom of the page for download links, including free tin whistle sheet music pdf file. The music is played on a Dixon Trad whistle.

The pagan Hallowe’en at the end of summer was a time of grief for the decline of the sun’s glory, as well as a harvest festival of thanksgiving to him for having ripened the grain and fruit

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5 Easy Irish Tunes for Tin Whistle

gen2a - 5 Easy Irish Tunes for Tin Whistle

Here are 5 easy tin whistle tunes for beginners, complete with sheet music, whistle tabs and audio files, from the Tin Whistle for Beginners book & audio collection. The tunes here are all accessible to beginners, although it may take some time & practice to get them up to speed! I play them slowly in the audio files, both with & without ornamentation. Download link to the sheet music pdf at the end of this page. The tunes are typical Irish dance tunes : jigs & reels, with a slide and a march.

Contents :
Around the World for Sport (Reel)
Brian Boru’s March
The Dunmore Lasses (Reel)
Geese in the Bog (Jig)
O’Keefe’s (Slide)
Going Further With the Tin Whistle

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