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Tin Whistle – A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Playing Irish Traditional Music on the Whistle, with its companion volume Irish Music – 400 Traditional Tunes


Special offer pack : Tin Whistle Tutor + 400 Tunes Book, with audio


Book with downloadable audio


400 classic Irish session tunes

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Book with free audio download - 90 well-loved Irish and Scottish songs, chosen for beginners.


Book + FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD. 90 children’s songs from the Whistle for Kids collection

This book has been so helpful to me the past year that I came back to this listing to look up more books by this author. I recommend this from one beginner to another. I felt it did a great job explaining things and illustrating via samples of the songs. The 400 Irish Tunes book has been a fun complement to this one, as well.

Silverbell • Tin Whistle – A Complete Guide

The songs are all traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc, which is great. These are ones you might hear at a session. The recording of the music which you can download is well done and is played on tin whistle, clearly and at a moderate speed..

Planter • Irish Music – 400 Traditional Tunes

This book is excellent – the most thorough and detailed self-tutor I have seen for tin whistle. I especially love that there is downloadable audio with literally every single tune and practice exercise for you to listen to, as well as tablature for each and every tune.

Rebecca • Tin Whistle – A Complete Guide

This book was just what I was looking for.The material is introduced progressively:The author isolates and explains key aspects of technique – articulation, phrasing, breathing, rhythm, tone.It includes a wonderful repertoire selection..

Paolo • Tin Whistle – A Complete Guide