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Paddy’s Gone to France – Low Whistle Tune

paddys gone to france - Paddy's Gone to France - Low Whistle Tune

Paddy’s Gone to France, a reel to learn on low whistle with sheet music and low whistle tabs

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Maguire’s March – Low Whistle Tune

maguires march low whistle tune - Maguire's March - Low Whistle Tune

Maguire’s March – Irish tune for Low Whistle with sheet music, tabs & audio

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The Clare Reel – Low Whistle Tune

clare reel low whistle tune

Sheet music & recording of The Clare Reel, an unusual reel played on low whistle.

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Low Whistle Christmas Songs – Tabs & Sheet Music (with Video)

easy christmas songs for low whistle


Some easy Christmas songs that go well on the low whistle. The low whistle is the bass version of the tin whistle, and plays an octave lower in low D. I play each tune twice, once with ornamentation and once more slowly and plainly. These tunes can of course also be played on tin whistle.

As usual, you can download the sheet music pdf booklet at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions,  message me in the comments!

These tunes are all quite simple on the low whistle, with no notes above high F and melodies that are linear enough to make breath control easily manageable (no octave jumps, for example) The challenge of the low whistle is the grip, and ensuring that all the holes are adequately covered, particularly for the lower notes  E and D. Any leakage of air in the fingers can result in these notes refusing to sound at all.

Tip: if you’re having trouble with holes leaking, try a descending scale from B, one note at a time, to try and isolate which finger is causing problems!

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