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The Maid of Mount Kisco – Tin Whistle lesson

Learn the Maid of Mount Kisko, a reel associated with the great Irish fiddler Paddy Killoran. Tin whistle lesson with video, sheet music and audio recording

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Brenda Stubbert’s (reel)

A reel composed by Jerry Holland, played here on tin whistle, with sheet music & tin whistle tabs

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Micho’s Ashplant (tin whistle)


Micho Russell’s setting of The Ashplant reel, played by Stephen Ducke on tin whistle

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Thanksgiving Tunes for Tin Whistle

thanksgiving tunes for tin whistle - irish music

6 Irish tunes you can play at Thanksgiving, for tin whistle, with audio recordings, sheet music & whistle tabs (fingering charts). Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free pdf sheet music booklet.

It is a New England Autumn in 1621. The beautiful gold and crimson leaves
contribute to the festive atmosphere that blankets Plimoth village. The smell of
roasting Turkeys adds to the ambience. The little village’s fifty English settlers
are preparing a harvest festival in celebration of having survived the previous
year’s great hardships and brought in their first crops in the New World.

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An Phis Fliuch – Irish flute tune

an phis fliuch irish flute tune

MP3 & sheet music of An Phis Fliuch, a slip jig played on Irish flute .From the traditional repertoire, this tune appears in the O’Neills collection from the early 20th century

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Low Whistle Christmas Songs – Tabs & Sheet Music (with Video)

easy christmas songs for low whistle

Some easy Christmas songs that go well on the low whistle. The low whistle is the bass version of the tin whistle, and plays an octave lower in low D. I play each tune twice, once with ornamentation and once more slowly and plainly. These tunes can of course also be played on tin whistle.

As usual, you can download the sheet music pdf booklet at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions,  message me in the comments!

These tunes are all quite simple on the low whistle, with no notes above high F and melodies that are linear enough to make breath control easily manageable (no octave jumps, for example) The challenge of the low whistle is the grip, and ensuring that all the holes are adequately covered, particularly for the lower notes  E and D. Any leakage of air in the fingers can result in these notes refusing to sound at all.

Tip: if you’re having trouble with holes leaking, try a descending scale from B, one note at a time, to try and isolate which finger is causing problems!

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5 Irish Tunes for Halloween – Tin Whistle Tabs & Audio

irish Tunes for Halloween

Tin whistle tabs, sheet music & audio for 5 Irish tunes for Halloween, some spooky and some not so spooky! I play each tune at moderate speed with ornamentation. Scroll to the bottom of the page for download links, including free tin whistle sheet music pdf file. The music is played on a Dixon Trad whistle.

The pagan Hallowe’en at the end of summer was a time of grief for the decline of the sun’s glory, as well as a harvest festival of thanksgiving to him for having ripened the grain and fruit

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Kitty Hayes

Kitty Hayes

Kitty Hayes (born Smith) was an Irish concertina player from Fahanlunaghta, not far from Lahinch, in West Clare.  Her father Peter was also a concertina player, and played in nearby Miltown Malbay. She married flute and whistle player Josie Hayes, who played with the Laichtín Naofa Céilí Band. Music took a back seat as she raised 7 children, and nursed her father then her husband.

She recorded two albums, A touch of Clare and They’ll be Good Yet (with Peter Laban). After her death, Kitty’s daughter, Angela Connaughton produced a CD to remember Kitty and to once more celebrate her music : Kitty Hayes Remembered.  The music on the CD was taken from concerts at the Masters of Tradition in Bantry House which took place in August 2007 and the Kitty Hayes Tribute concert in Glór in Ennis in november 2007.

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