Book catalogue – downloading audio files

You have bought one of my books and would like to access the accompanying audio downloads :


You can find the download link (URL) on the copyright page of your book – this will be page 2 or page 3, depending on the book and edition.
Please type this link exactly as presented into the address bar of your internet navigator.


If you are having difficulties downloading, please contact me at or and I will be glad to forward your download directly!

Some common questions :

I can’t find the download link in my book…?
● it will be on page 2 or page 3, depending on your edition.

I have visited your site and can’t find the download page, where is it?
● to access the page directly, you will need to enter the download link from your book, exactly as is (including http://) into the address bar of your internet navigator.

What is an “internet navigator” or “navigator”?
● This is the program that you use to access the Internet. Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome are navigators.

What is the “address bar”?
● In your navigator, the address bar is the bar near the top of the screen, where the URL or address is displayed, starting with http:// or https://

I’ve done a Google search for the link, and can’t find it…?
● The download page will not be referenced by Google ; to access the page you will need to enter the link as instructed above.

Do I need to pay extra for the download?
● No, the download is included free-of-charge with the book

I don’t understand the instructions or I can’t access the download…?
● Please contact me, and I will send your download to you directly!

Happy playing!
Stephen Ducke, author