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The Willie Clancy Summer School: A Beacon of Irish Musical Heritage

willie clancy summer school tv series

In the heart of County Clare, the legacy of Willie Clancy, a master of the uilleann pipes, continues to resonate through the annual Willie Clancy Summer School. Since its inception in 1973, the school has become a pivotal institution for Irish traditional music, attracting enthusiasts from across the globe.

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Willie Clancy – uilleann pipes

willie clancy

Willie Clancy was an uilleann piper from Co. Clare. Born in 1918 in Miltown Malbay, he emerged as one of the most influential uilleann pipers of the 20th century. the Willie Clancy Summer School was established in his honor in 1973.

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Kevin Burke – Irish fiddler

kevin burke irish fiddler

Kevin Burke is an Irish fiddler renowned for his virtuosic playing in the Sligo style of Irish fiddling. One of the most influential fiddlers today, he gained widespread recognition as a member of iconic Irish bands such as The Bothy Band and Patrick Street as well as with his solo work.

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Michael Coleman – Irish fiddle player

michael coleman fiddle player

Michael Coleman was an influential Irish fiddler from Killavil in Sligo, born in 1891. His playing style has been highly influential in Irish traditional music, particularly in the development of the “Sligo style” of fiddling.

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Martin Hayes – Irish fiddler

martin hayes dennis cahill medle - Martin Hayes - Irish fiddler

Martin Hayes is an Irish fiddle player from County Clare, Ireland, from a family with strong Irish music traditions. His father, P. Joe Hayes was also a notable fiddle player.

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Paddy Fahy – Irish fiddler & composer

paddy fahy irish fiddler

Paddy Fahy was an Irish fiddle player and composer from Kilconnell, County Galway, Ireland. He played the fiddle in a lyrical and expressive style associated with East Galway. A prolific composer, he composed over 60 tunes, many of which have become staples of the tradition.

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Packie Duignan – Irish flute player

packie duignan flute

Packie Duignan was an Irish flute player from Aughabehy, County Leitrim. Born in 1922, Duignan grew up in a region rich in musical heritage, which significantly influenced his development as a musician. His style was deeply rooted in the music of his native County Leitrim and the nearby County Roscommon. This area, particularly in the early to mid-20th century, was a hotbed of traditional Irish music, fostering a unique style characterized by a rhythmic and lively approach to melody.

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Jack Dolan – Irish flute player

tin whistle tunes 01 - Jack Dolan - Irish flute player

Jack Dolan – Irish flute player from Drumkeeran in County Leitrim. He plays flute in the characteristic rhythmic style of Leitrim/North Connaught. He emigrated to New York then spent some time in London in the 70s where he was recorded by Lucy Farr; he can be heard on the Topic Records release It Was Great Altogether – The continuing tradition of Irish music in London. He also made several recordings with flute player Charley Higgins, also of Co. Leitrim.

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Harry Bradley – Irish flute player

harry bradley traditional music - Harry Bradley - Irish flute player

Harry Bradley is an Irish flute player from Belfast. His style is often described as energetic and powerful, with a strong emphasis on the rhythm and drive characteristic of the Northern flute style.

Influenced by the recording heritage of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the fiddle and flute music of Leitrim and Sligo and the piping of Séamus Ennis, he is recognised as one of the most distinctive voices in Irish flute playing today. He combines his influences with a strong tone, driving rhythm and a creative touch into his own unique style.

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Michael McGoldrick – Irish flute & whistle

michael mcgoldrick

Michael McGoldrick is an influential Irish flute, low whistle and uilleann pipe player from Manchester who  has been a prominent figure in the folk music scene since the early 1990s. He has a uniquely creative style of flute playing, flowing and ornamented with use of “blue notes” and outside influences, all while staying anchored in the Irish tradition.

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