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Jim Donoghue – Irish tin whistle player

Jim Donoghue (1910-90) was a Sligo tin whistle player, known for his style of playing the “Clarke Whistle” – he played in a strong, rhythmic style with a tone that approached that of the Irish flute. He obtained his unique tone by working or “humouring” the fipple of his Clarke tin whistle, and played many of his tunes in unique settings. Below is his version of the Battering Ram jig.

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Jim Donoghue – Recordings at the British Library

The  British Library has an enormous online archive of recordings, with a large selection of Irish traditional music in the collection “Traditional Music in England”.
Among the Irish musicians is the excellent whistle player Jim Donoghue.

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Brightest and Best – Tin Whistle Christmas Carols

Tin Whistle Christmas Carols – Brightest and Best, sheet music. Tin Whistle tablatures and audio included in the book Tin Whistle for Children Volume 1.

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Eimear & Caoimhe Flannery – fiddle, tin whistle

Caoimhe & Eimear Flannery

Caoimhe & Eimear Flannery – fiddle, tin whistle – recorded in Brosna, Co.Kerry in 2014



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Donncha O’Briain

Donncha O’Briain was a tin whistle teacher and performer, from a musical family from Dublin, with brothers Mick (pipes) Tom (fiddle) Andrew (fiddle) and John (pipes)

He was a member of CCE Cluain Tarbh, and taught and played regularly with the branch.He released a collection of tunes called the Golden Eagle, and an excellent whistle album which was recently re-released on Gael-linn, under the title Irish Traditional Airs on Tin Whistle / Ceol ar an bhFeadóg Stain. In 1980 he received a People of the Year Award for ‘his triumph over disability, his musical prowess and the inspiration which he provided for so many.’ Donncha passed away in 1990, aged just 30.

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Tin Whistle

The Irish tin whistle

The Irish Tin WhistleThe tin whistle is a small fipple flute or flageolet, and like the bodhran, exists in many forms in many different cultures. What is uniquely Irish is the playing and musical style, again like the bodhran.

The whistle is one of the most popular Irish instruments, as it is small, cheap and durable, and can be easily obtained in music shops. It is often used for beginners as an introduction to the world of Irish traditional music, and is a popular school instrument. Although it is a small, simple instrument, it can be and is played to a virtuoso level – for example players like Mary Bergin, Donncha O’Briain or Paddy Moloney.
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