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Bell’s Reeds – Sheet Music

sheet music bucks of oranmore

Bell’s Reeds is a tune from the Irish group Kila, presented here in a 2-part arrangement by Daniel Gourdon, played by the fiddle class at our summer workshops . Mp3 and sheet music downloads.


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Bell’s Reeds – sheet music


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deanta.jpgDéanta were an ITM group from Antrim in Northern Ireland, with wooden flute, fiddle, whistle, vocals and accompaniment on guitar, keyboard and harp. Their music is in the Northern style, wioth evident Scottish influences (the song  “Culloden’s Harvest, or the highland “King George IV”) The recorded 3 albums, Déanta, Ready for the Storm and Whisper of a Secret, traditional Irish music in contemporary arrangements.

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Tommy Peoples (fiddle)

Tommy Peoples was born in 1948 near St Johnston, Co. Donegal. He learned the fiddle in the distinctive Donegal style, and today with his deeply personal style and technical skill is one of the most renowned fiddle players in the Irish tradition.

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Boys of the Lough


boyslough.jpgThe group Boys of the Lough was formed in 1967, and is still making music today. Their first album, Boys of the Lough, was released in 1972 with Cathal McConnell (flute, song) Robin Morton (song, bodhran, concertina) Aly Bain (fiddle) and Dick Gaughan (song, guitar)

Their music mixes the Irish and Scottish traditions with outside influences like Scandinavian music. In a career spanning over 30 years, they have released 20 albums.

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3 Shetland Reels


The Shetland islands are located to the north of Scotland, 245 km east of Bergen (Norway) and 640km from the Arctic. Given this situation between Norway and Scotland, Shetland music has always been at the crossroads of two cultures, influenced by Scandinavian music and the celtic music of the British isles.

One of the biggest influences on Shetland music was the hardanger fiddle, a type of violin introduced to Norway in the 16th century. The hardanger has 5 strings more than the standard violin, strings that resonate when the melody is played on the upper strings; the practice of letting adjacent strings ring open in shetland music comes from the hardanger’s influence.

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