Reel on Irish wooden flute. John Egan was a flute player from Co. Sligo.

See here for sheet music of John Egan’s Reel.

Biography of John Egan:

The two reels and polka in this issue are associated with the legendary flute player, John Egan (1903-1989), who was born in Ardleybeg, Ballintogher, Co. Sligo. John learned a lot of his music from local musicians such as Andy & James Doyle (father and son), flute players from Lackagh, Drumfin, which was also the birth place of the great fiddler, James Morrison. He also met and played with two other great flute players, Brian Lugby and John Joe Gardiner, of Corhubber, Ballymote. He also learned to play the fiddle. He left home in his early twenties to work in Donegal and later in London. He returned to Dublin in 1937 where he worked as a barman. Over the years he met and played with many of the musicians from rural Ireland who lived and worked in Dublin. For some years he was a member of the famous Kincora Ceili Band which was founded by Kathleen Harrington, from Corhubber. In 1952 John and other musical friends established St. Mary’s Traditional Music club in Church Street. It became popularly known among traditional musicians and followers as the Church Street Club. Music session were held there every Wednesday night, for many years until John’s death on the 10th January, 1989.

Source: Treoir 2002


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