Patsy Hanly is an Irish flute player from Kilrooskey, County Roscommon. He is an influential player in the Roscommon / North Connaught style of flute playing.

Hanly has made a significant impact on a generation of flute players. He appears on the Flute Players of Roscommon album, and has toured extensively with Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann in countries such as Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, America, and Canada, and his music has also taken him across Europe. His performances have been featured on TV, and in 2019, he was the subject of a ‘Sé Mo Laoch’ episode on TG4. He is also a recipient of the TG4 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Asked to supply a sleeve-note for himself, he came up with this: ‘My mind flashed immediately to musical accomplishments, recordings, et cetera – not worth writing about. Instead, maybe a word of appreciation for the characters with whom I stumbled, sped, shuffled, raced, hobbled and socialised (is that the right word?) with through the chaotic world of traditional music, which runs almost parallel with reality. I thank them for all their influence which shaped my music and my personality’. Just so.

Ciaran Carson, The Journal of Music

A reel named “Hanly’s” is associated with him.  It’s believed that Hanly got this reel from fiddler James Hanly of Newtowncashel, Co. Longford. The tune has been passed down through generations of musicians in the area.

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