Excellent Irish flute compilation, with Eddie Moloney, John Carlos, Jack Dolan, Josie McDermott, Packie Duignan, Patsy Hanly, John Joe  Gardiner, & Marcus Hernon. The recordings seem to be archive recordings, some of which have appeared on RTE radio. They provide an excellent cross section of several Irish flute playing styles.

J. J. Gardiner – The Mountain Top
J. J. Gardiner – The Lady on the Island
Marcus Hernon – Lad O’Beirne’s / The Hag With the Money / The Hag at the Churn
Marcus Hernon – Behind the Buachalláns / Maids of Mount Cisco
John Carlos – The Gatehouse Maid / The Sandymount
John Carlos – Hugie Travers’ / Garrett Barry’s
Eddie Moloney – Christmas Eve
Eddie Moloney – Mama’s Pet
Eddie Moloney – The Old Coperplate
Eddie Moloney – The Copperplate
Eddie Moloney – The Queen of the Rushes
Eddie Moloney – The Cat’s Rambles
Eddie Moloney – The Boyne Hunt / Rolling on the Rye Grass
John Carlos – The Roving Bachelor / Miss McGuinness
Jack Dolan – The Concert Reel
Jack Dolan – Touch Me If You Dare / Flowers of the Red Mill
Jack Dolan – The Traveler
Jack Dolan – Roaring Mary
Josie McDermott – Micho Russell’s (?)
Josie McDermott – The Rathcroghan Reel
Josie McDermott – Darby’s Farewell to London
Josie McDermott – Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Packie Duignan – Kid on the Mountain
Packie Duignan – Colonel Frazer
Packie Duignan – The Wandering Minstrel / The Butcher’s March
Packie Duignan – Peg McGrath’s (Micho Russell’s)
Packie Duignan – The Piper’s Despair
Packie Duignan – The Traveller
Patsy Hanly – Major Moran’s / Drogheda Bay
Patsy Hanly – The Creamery / Miss McGuinness
Patsy Hanly – Anderson’s / The Flowers of the Red Mill
Patsy Hanly – Sweeney’s Dream

Source: Rich Lafferty

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