Compilation de flûte traversière irlandaise, avec Eddie Maloney, John Carlos, Jack Dolan, Josie McDermott, Packie Duignan, Patsy Hanley, JJ Gardiner, & Marcus Hernon

Liste des pistes:
J. J. Gardiner – The Mountain Top
J. J. Gardiner – The Lady on the Island
Marcus Hernon – Lad O’Beirne’s / The Hag With the Money / The Hag at the Churn
Marcus Hernon – Behind the Buachalláns / Maids of Mount Cisco
John Carlos – The Gatehouse Maid / The Sandymount
John Carlos – Hugie Travers’ / Garrett Barry’s
Eddie Maloney – Christmas Eve
Eddie Maloney – Mama’s Pet
Eddie Maloney – The Old Coperplate
Eddie Maloney – The Copperplate
Eddie Maloney – The Queen of the Rushes
Eddie Maloney – The Cat’s Rambles
Eddie Maloney – The Boyne Hunt / Rolling on the Rye Grass
John Carlos – The Roving Bachelor / Miss McGuinness
Jack Dolan – The Concert Reel
Jack Dolan – Touch Me If You Dare / Flowers of the Red Mill
Jack Dolan – The Traveler
Jack Dolan – Roaring Mary
Josie McDermott – Micho Russell’s (?)
Josie McDermott – The Rathcroghan Reel
Josie McDermott – Darby’s Farewell to London
Josie McDermott – Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Packie Dolan – Kid on the Mountain
Packie Dolan – Colonel Frazer
Packie Dolan – The Wandering Minstrel / The Butcher’s March
Packie Dolan – Peg McGrath’s (Micho Russell’s)
Packie Dolan – The Piper’s Despair
Packie Dolan – The Traveller
Patsy Hanly – Major Moran’s / Drogheda Bay
Patsy Hanly – The Creamery / Miss McGuinness
Patsy Hanly – Anderson’s / The Flowers of the Red Mill
Patsy Hanly – Sweeney’s Dream

Source: Rich Lafferty

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