Mike Rafferty was an Irish flute player from Ballinakill in Co. Galway, who emigrated to the US and became a major figure in Irish traditional music there.
Born in 1926, he learned his music from his father Barrell Rafferty, who played flute and uilleann pipes. In 1949 he emigrated to the US where he married and raised a family of 5.

He toured all over the US with the group the Green Fields of America, and was influential in the early days of Comhaltas, as a member of the Martin Mulvihill Branch.
He was a major exponent of the East Galway Style and recorded several albums including The Dangerous Reel, The Old Fireside Music and The Road from Ballinakill with his daughter Mary, a solo album Speed 78, and The New Broom with Willie Kelly. He died in 2011.


Mike Rafferty Tunes:
A Hard Road to Travel
The Star of Munster


Mike Rafferty Tunebooks from Lesl Harker :


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