Laoise Kelly is an Irish harpist known for her contributions to traditional Irish music. She has played a significant role in shaping the contemporary landscape of Irish harp music with her distinctive style and dedication.

In 2020, Kelly received the TG4 Gradam Ceoil Traditional Musician of the Year award. She co-founded the band Bumblebees and is a founding member of the traditional group Fiddletree. Her collaborations include working with The Chieftains, Sharon Shannon, and Matt Molloy, as well as international orchestras and traditional music ensembles.

Kelly has released several solo albums featuring traditional Irish tunes and original compositions. She also appears on numerous collaborative recordings, contributing to a variety of projects within the traditional music community.

In addition to her performing career, Kelly is actively involved in teaching. She conducts workshops and masterclasses for harp students around the world, promoting the Irish harp and traditional Irish music.

Kelly performs at major festivals and venues globally, including Celtic Connections and The National Concert Hall in Dublin. Her efforts in performance, recording, and education continue to support and enhance the appreciation of traditional Irish music.

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