Jim Donoghue (1910-90) was a Sligo tin whistle player, known for his style of playing the “Clarke Whistle” – he played in a strong, rhythmic style with a tone that approached that of the Irish flute. He obtained his unique tone by working or “humouring” the fipple of his Clarke tin whistle, and played many of his tunes in unique settings. Below is his version of the Battering Ram jig.

He was born  in 1910 in Monastereden, Co.Sligo. He was of the next generation to Michael Coleman, with much the same repertoire, and was greatly influenced by Jim Coleman (fiddle) with whom he played for a number of years.

The Sligo flute player  Seamus Tansey was influenced by his style.

He appears on the album Music From Coleman Country (1972). A selection of live recordings of Jim Donoghue are available at the British Library.

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