alybain.jpgAly Bain is a fiddler from the Shetlands, islands to the North of Great Britain, between Scotland and Norway. He was born in Lerwick, Shetland, in 1946 and started playing fiddle at the age of 11.


He first became known as fiddler with the group Boys of the Lough , a group that mixed Irish, Shetland, Scottish and Scandinavian influances, and with whom he played for 30 years. IHe has also produced TV series like “Down Home”, about the transfer of folk music from Europe to North America,  “The Shetland Sessions” and  “The Transatlantic Sessions”

He recorded 2 albums in the 70s with his mentor Tom Anderson, his first solo album in 1985, several albums with the Boys of the Lough, and has colloborated with artists as eclectic as Fish, Hue and Cry and Eddie Reader. His solo albums explore the common roots of folk music, between Scotland, Shetland, France, Ireland, Canada and  theCajun music of Louisiana. He now plays with Phil Cunningham.



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