MP3 & sheet music of An Phis Fliuch, a slip jig played on Irish flute .From the traditional repertoire, this tune appears in the O’Neills collection from the early 20th century


an phis fliuch irish flute tune

Sheet music

An Phis Fhliuch Sheet Music & Tabs

Other versions of this tune

An Phis Fhliuch – tin whistle

An Phis fhliuch – uilleann pipes – Willie Clancy

1 thoughts on “An Phis Fliuch – Irish flute tune

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    Andy says:

    Thanks for the tune.The way you play it differs from the sheet music in one place. You play the start of the B and E parts differently, playing DC#D 3(DEF)E D2A in the B part but DC#D 3(DEF)D C2A in the E part (though you have written a D note, not the C). I’m used to hearing it with the C in both parts, (not the D as in the B part). Just thought you might want to fix the sheet music to what you actually play. Great tune.

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