The Oriel Traditional Music Archive (OTMA) is actively seeking volunteers to assist in preserving local traditional songs and music. An open night will be held in Newry later this month to discuss how individuals can contribute to passing on this cultural heritage to future generations. The event is especially appealing to those with a passion for Irish traditional music and songs and who wish to help preserve the unique traditions of the local area.

The open night is scheduled for Thursday, 11 January, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Gaeláras Mhic Ardghail, Chapel Street, Newry. This informal event will provide an opportunity for those interested in traditional music to witness the ongoing development of this regional music archive.

oriel traditional music archive

Samples of the recordings can be viewed on the Oriel Traditional Music Archive YouTube channel and Facebook page, while an online archive is under development. Those interested in more information can contact or attend the open night.


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