Reel played on Irish flute, a version I got from the book “The Dance Music of Willie Clancy”. Played once through slowly, & up to speed. Free sheet music download at the bottom of the page.

Ladies' Pantalettes Reel - Sheet Music - notitle

“Pantalettes” are a type of undergarment worn in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are essentially long underpants or leggings that reach down to the ankles or sometimes below, often trimmed with lace or other decorations at the hem. They were typically worn under dresses or skirts to ensure modesty and to keep the legs warm. Pantalettes were especially popular among women and children in Europe and North America during the Victorian era. They were part of the elaborate layers of underclothing that characterized women’s fashion of that time, which included items like corsets, petticoats, and bustles.

Sheet music

Sheet music – pdf download

Ladies’ Pantalettes Reel – Sheet Music – pdf download





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