Here are 5 easy tin whistle tunes for beginners, complete with sheet music, whistle tabs and audio files, from the Tin Whistle for Beginners book & audio collection. The tunes here are all accessible to beginners, although it may take some time & practice to get them up to speed! I play them slowly in the audio files, both with & without ornamentation. Download link to the sheet music pdf at the end of this page. The tunes are typical Irish dance tunes : jigs & reels, with a slide and a march.

Contents :
Around the World for Sport (Reel)
Brian Boru’s March
The Dunmore Lasses (Reel)
Geese in the Bog (Jig)
O’Keefe’s (Slide)
Going Further With the Tin Whistle

1: Around the World for Sport (Reel)

Around the World for Sport reel Whistle Tabs

2: Brian Boru’s March

Brian Boru's march Whistle Tabs

3: The Dunmore Lasses (Reel)

Dunmore Lasses (reel) Tin Whistle sheet music and fingering

4: Geese in the Bog (Jig)

Geese in the Bog jig whistle tabs

5: O’Keefe’s Slide

O'keefe's slide tin whistle

Going further with the Tin Whistle

A Comprehensive Introduction to the Tin Whistle

Tin Whistle Buying Guide

Learn the Tin Whistle

A Complete Guide to Playing Irish Traditional Music on the Whistle


Download sheet music pdf : 5 easy irish tunes for tin whistle

6 thoughts on “5 Easy Irish Tunes for Tin Whistle

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    Christopher W says:

    This has been key to learning the tin whistle. After master these tunes- what guide book of yours would you recommend from someone wanting to learn more irish tunes?

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