The 2016 New York Trad Festival starts this Sunday October 23 with a concert by Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill, with guest Tony DeMarco, at the Irish Arts Centre, 553 W 51st St.

New York Trad Festival 2016

Followed on November 19 by a night of music at Pier A Harbour House, featuring Joanie Madden, Donie Carroll, James Keane, Megan Downes, Gabriel O’Donohue, John Nolan, Jerry O’Sullivan, Eamon O’Leary & Stephanie Coleman, John Updike, Patrick Mangan, Brendan O’Shea, Ivan Goff, Jake James, and Jenna Nicholls.

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2 thoughts on “New York Trad Festival 2016

  1. Avatar
    Nancy Lyon says:

    Hello, I just bought a print copy of your TIN WHISTLE, A Complete Guide… and would like to be able to download the audio that goes with the book. I also purchased Tin Whistle for Beginners, and was easily able to download the audio to go with that. Both are great! I am teaching a whistle course at Tarpon Arts in Tarpon Springs in Feb-March, and will draw on my years in Ireland and many other sources. I was one of the founding members of the An Claidheamh Soluis, the Irish Arts Center in New York. If there is a charge for the audio download, please let me know. Thank you, Nancy Lyon

    • Stephen Ducke
      Stephen Ducke says:

      Hi Nancy, thanks for the kind words. I’ve forwarded the audio download to your email address, please get back to me if you don’t get it. Good luck with the workshops! Thanks! Stephen

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