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3 Shetland Reels


map.gifThe Shetland islands are located to the north of Scotland, 245 km east of Bergen (Norway) and 640km from the Arctic. Given this situation between Norway and Scotland, Shetland music has always been at the crossroads of two cultures, influenced by Scandinavian music and the celtic music of the British isles.

One of the biggest influences on Shetland music was the hardanger fiddle, a type of violin introduced to Norway in the 16th century. The hardanger has 5 strings more than the standard violin, strings that resonate when the melody is played on the upper strings; the practice of letting adjacent strings ring open in shetland music comes from the hardanger’s influence.

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The Green Meadows (Reel)

Pour commencer l’année tout doucement, je vous propose le reel “Green Meadows” , un petit reel assez simple que j’ai appris de la musique de Fintan Vallely, joueur de flûte traversière au grand style rythmique de l’Irlande du nord. Un morceau qui tombe très bien sous les doigts, surtout en flûte traversière.

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