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Daoiri Farrell is no ordinary Irish folk singer

From the Irish World :

To start with, his name, pronounced ‘Derry’, is one that few people have seen before.

“It’s a bit of a blessing and a curse really,” he said. “I can use my name for anything I want really, and my website is simply, but it’s getting people to find it in the first place.”

Then there’s the fact that he’s been on quite a journey to get to where he is today as he embarks on his first fully-fledged solo tour. The only truly musical person in his family, Daoiri didn’t grow up with an instrument in his hand and only gained an interest in music when he was about 13.

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Hanz Araki blends Irish, Japanese traditions in Bend

From The Bulletin :

Hanz Araki just traded Portland for Portland.

The Irish-Japanese flutist, percussionist and singer moved from Portland, Oregon, his home of the last 11 years, to Portland, Maine, about three weeks ago. Seattle native Araki, who has long been at the forefront of traditional Celtic music in the Pacific Northwest, made the move primarily out of convenience — he recently joined Maine-based traditional band The Press Gang. Shorter traveling distances on tour — and the Northeast’s burgeoning Irish music scene — helped seal the deal.

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